German private lessons in Bielefeld for beginners or advanced learners. German private tutoring is available face-to-face or online with qualified native speakers. Would you like to study German with individual support? Our private lessons for German in Mannheim is the perfect concept for you. Book your free trial lesson, get to know the teacher and discuss your personal goals with him. Once you decide it works, also on a personal level, you are ready to continue the class.

Your wish, your goal and your expectation German private training in Bielefeld

German one on one lessons in Bielefeld
During private lessons, the teacher commits himself to your personal wishes and actively supports you reaching your goals improving German. In case you require specific German skills for your job, including conferences, meetings with colleagues or e-mails, it will all be included.

Also job related vocabulary can will be implemented into the class. The greatest advantage in a German private course is the fact, that you will learn much more effectively and quickly, because the time can be used more intensively. Online or face to face – anything is possible.

German private course for beginners and advanced learners – A1 until C2

The training for German can be booked in all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference. If you have never learned German before, it is advisable to start with A1 level. Afterwards you can consecutively work your way through the levels A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

We are going to plan anything like you wish

Especially advantageous is the possibility to choose your appointments freely. Do you prefer classes in the morning, afternoon or rather evening? Even on weekends or at your home we make it possible to study. After checking with your teacher, classes in the weekend are possible as well. Also the location can be chosen. One option is having the classes in our nicely equipped classrooms here at Sprachschule Aktiv Bielefeld. Another option is having the classes at your home or workplace, just let us know, what you prefer.
Course fee for our private classes in Bielefeld

Course fee for our private classes in Bielefeld

Save money by bringing a friend to the German class. That way you get 50 % off! Minimum booking 10 lessons.

The duration of one lesson is 45 minutes.
45 EUR per lesson for up to 19 lessons.
40 EUR per lesson for up to 20 lessons.
38 EUR per lesson for up to 30 lessons.

Motivated native speakers will help to reach your goals

Your teacher for German has a solid training and good qualification. We especially value teacher, who are well versed in taking care of private customers. Your teacher is, of course, a native speaker. On top of that he will motivate you going through the difficult stages of learning German with dedication and a lot of fun.