Attent our German evening course in our Sprachschule Aktiv Bielefeld for beginners and advanced learners. In case your working and you only have time in the evening we have the perfect course for you. We provide every level every month. By investing only 135 minutes, twice a week, your progress will be great in a short time and you can complete one level in four months. Visit us for a free trial lesson and decide wether you like it or not.
Small groups in our german evening courses

Small groups in our german evening courses

One of the advantages of taking a couse with us at Sprachschule Aktiv Bielefeld, is the limited amout of participants of 10 in each course. You share the teacher with nine other students tops, often it will be less than that. This is how we make sure you will have the best progress. It is not only important to learn the language, it is important to speak. In our small groups you will be able to speak a lot.

German evening courses in Bieleld for beginners and advanced learners

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages there are six levels. Starting with A1, which is for beginners, you can continue with A2, B1, B2, C1 auntil C2, which is native speaker level.

Located in the middle of Bielefeld

Public transportation ist very important for us to make sure you have a short way to the school. Our school is in the middle of Bielefeld, right next to the main rail station. Subway station and bus station are a few meters away from the school.
Get now a free trial lesson and a free placement test

Course fees and dates of your German evening course in Bielefeld

Duration: 4 weeks, 2 x 135 minutes per week

Start of course: Each first Tuesday of the month

Dates: Each Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8.15 pm

Price: 279.00 Euro for four weeks

Get now a free trial lesson and a free placement test

Each and every student has the option to take a free trial lesson with a money-back-guarantee. On top of the free placement test our staff members will take good care of you at anytime.